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Code Sample Highlights

Updated: February 17th 2006. Samples

FAQ Placeholder Control
This placeholder control extends the XmlPlaceholder and allows business users to contribute a FAQ list which is presented as DHTML. In Presentation Mode, users can expand and collapse each FAQ item. In Authoring Mode, users can add, edit and delete items. The underlying data is stored as XML using a standard XmlPlaceholderDefinition.

telerik r.a.d Menu wrapper for MCMS 2002
A wrapper for telerik's r.a.d. Menu control allowing MCMS specific properties to be set at design time.

Extended Attachment Placeholder Control
An extension of the SingleAttachmentPlaceholder control afforing more control of Presentation Mode rendering.


GotDotNet Samples

HttpModule to allow usage of PostBackUrl property with MCMS and ASP.NET 2.0 by Stefan Gossner
ASP.NET 2.0 introduces a new feature to allow cross-Postbacks to other webforms using the PostBackUrl property. This method is very nice and allows to replace ugly workaround that were required in ASP.NET 1.x like using GET requests with query strings or adding client side script that cleared the viewstate form field. There is only one caveat with this new method: It does not work with MCMS 2002. MCMS 2002 Service Pack 2 which is required to allow MCMS to work with ASP.NET 2.0 adds some additional client side javascript code that prevents the PostBackUrl property from working properly as it always changes the Url back to the MCMS template file. So the logic of this client side script does not handle the cross-Postback situation correct. This http module allows to resolve the problem. See here for details:

Generate google sitemap for MCMS site by Steven Mostinckx
Application to generate a google sitemap for CMS sites DotNet framework 1.1 / MCMS

MCMS Random Flash Movie Placeholder Control by CroweMan
The Random Flash Movie Control will allow an author to select one or more flash movies from the resource gallery. One of the movies will be randomly displayed when the user is in presentation mode.


Code Project Samples

MCMS Placeholder Content Web Part by Stephen Huen
This Web Part displays content from a Content Management Server (MCMS) page placeholder in a Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) site or a SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) site. No actual placeholder content is stored in the web part. If the placeholder is updated with new content in the MCMS site, the web part will automatically show the new content in the WSS site.

MCMS Search Controls by Stephen Huen
Also available in VB.NET
Gives Content Management Server web sites search capability using SharePoint Portal Server as the search engine.


Integration Samples

Integration Techniques and Strategies for Content Management Server 2002 (DOC)
Quality documentation and samples including integration with search engines, workflow engines, and authentication systems.
VS.NET 2002 Sample code here.    VS.NET 2003 Sample code here.


Microsoft Samples

Building, Deploying, and Maintaining Intranet Sites for the Enterprise Book (DOC)
The Building, Deploying, and Maintaining Intranet Sites for the Enterprise book demonstrates some of the concepts used by the Operations and Technology Group at Microsoft to build, deploy, and maintain an internal Microsoft site. Code samples here

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