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Monday, September 04, 2006

TechEd US 2006 Slide Decks

TechEd in Boston earlier this year featured some great content on Office SharePoint Server, and it's WCM features. To build great web content solutions with MOSS it is paramount to understand the broad spectrum of services offered. The following sessions are of particular interest to Content Management Server developers interested in what the near future holds.

TechEd US 2006

OFC202 - Windows SharePoint Services (version 3): Overview and What's New
This session covers technical fundamentals of the next generation of Microsoft's Web workspace technology - what's new, what's changed, how it works, and why you should deploy it and develop on it. This session is a prerequisite for "Office SharePoint Server 2007: Overview and What's New".

OFC207 - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Overview and What's New
Office SharePoint Server 2007 is much more than an upgrade to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Content Management Server 2002. This session covers technical fundamentals, feature overviews, new sets of server functionality, and implications for developers and IT professionals alike. NOTE: Since Office SharePoint Server 2007 is built on Windows SharePoint Service 3.0, this session requires that you attend "Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - Overview and What's New" first.

OFC210 - Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007: Create and Customize SharePoint Web Sites and Build Workflow-Enabled Applications
Come and learn about Office SharePoint Designer 2007. This is the powerful and easy-to-use tool for information workers to automate business processes and build efficient applications on top of the SharePoint platform, and tailor their SharePoint site to their needs in an IT-managed environment.

OFC216 - Using the Web Content Management Features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Build Great Looking Sites
This action-packed session covers a technical drilldown of the new Web content management features in Office SharePoint Server 2007. Learn how to build a rich publishing site with a consistent, customized look and feel. Understand how authors can create Web pages in-context and using applications such as Microsoft Office Word that stay in synch with your Web site's look and feel. See how site managers can control what content gets published using features like workflow and scheduling. Finally, hear a discussion on how the authoring interface and experience can be customized.

OFC323 - Dot-Com Meets SharePoint: Building an Internet-Facing Web Site Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
This session discusses how to build, deploy and manage Internet-facing Web sites using Office SharePoint Server 2007. Learn how to enable caching and anonymous access to make your site support millions of users, setup content deployment to copy content to your production environment across a firewall, and use the variations feature to provide Web pages in multiple languages or for multiple devices.

OFC329 - Migrating Your Content Management Server 2002 Web Sites to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
This session discusses how to migrate your Content Management Server (CMS) 2002 sites to Office SharePoint Server 2007. Learn how to assess your CMS 2002 application, the different migration scenarios possible and how to plan for migration. It includes a discussion on the out-of-the-box data migration tool and best practices for preparing your application for migration.


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